About myRADAR

Vehicle Tracking System++

Enhanced Tracking

myRADAR offers wide range of tracking options ie Live Tracking, History tracking, Mileage report, speed alert etc.


Remote Lock

You can simply lock your car remotely through mobile Apps even in offline mode.


Special Features

myRADAR offers first ever features like Fuel and Gas monitor, engine diagnosis!!


All Device Compatible

  • Compatible with Web, Android and iOS
  • Wide Range of mobile OS versions
  • All browser compatible
  • Responsive of any client devices and its screen resolutions
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Live Tracking

Enhanced Tracking

  • Real Time tracking
  • Historical tracking
  • Monitor vehicle speed and direction
  • Car ON/OFF Alert
  • Geo-fence Alert

Remote Lock

  • Worry about your car?? Relax!! Lock it from mobile app. Don’t worry, it won’t go anywhere!!!
  • Your car can be locked from anywhere even from abroad
  • Car can be locked even car is in parked/turned off
  • Suspicious?? Lock your car from mobile App
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Special Features

  • Your Home, office, Kids school, club define your own geofence
  • Get your custom location alert
  • You can see your car fuel meter in App even leakage alert!!
  • CNG meter in your App even top up value
  • Engine Diagnosis?? Coming soon ...
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For You

The Smartest Vehicle Tracking Service

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 customer support. We also provide Door Step service.

Call Support

Any queries?? You are just one call away. +880 1907888839 +880 1907888899


We protect our customer’s data, with high encryption technology.

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Choose Your Package


Live & Record Tracking

Lock Engine Remotely

5 Geofences

BDT 6000


All Standard Features

10 Geofences

Gas Monitoring

BDT 8000


All Special Features

Unlimited Geofence

Octane & Gas Monitoring

BDT 15000


Fleet Management

Energy Optimization

+ And Many More


These are general price quotation. Final Quotation depend upon volume

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